torsdag 18. februar 2016

Back to Turkey.

Since the 6th of january we have been travelling. To see some parts of Turkey. To ski in Turkey and in Norway. To enjoy the winter sun in Cyprus. But mainly to meet our family and friends. In London. In Stockholm. In Oslo. In Smedjebacken. In Trondheim. In Steinkjer. In Åmot and in Bingen. Its been very good seeing the people that mean the most to us. In a way checking our own roots while we are out sailing to experience other ways of life. And like we remember the good people we have met in Egypt, Israel, Cyprus and Turkey we look forward to see family and friends again soon. But first La Familia awaits us with new adventures and encounters.

As I write this we are on our flight to Antalya and it feels like coming home.

Love to all!

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