torsdag 31. mars 2016

Sleepless in Symi.

After six great days in Panormitis bay we have sailed to Nissiros. Its a small volcanic island with a big crater in the middle. Tomorrow we will explore by car.

But first a few lines about the peaceful place Panormitis. Its a great anchorage in a almost landlocked bay. During our stay there were some strong NW winds of about 13 meters per sec. After mooring first stern to at the jetty we moved out to the anchourage. It seemed so calm there. But it was not and two of the nights were pretty unrestful. The place is famous for their monastary and other than that there was not much. And we scandinavians like that!

Our danish friends on their Finnsailor 36, Mumin are still with us. Or we with them for today they motored a head to this small Island. They will bee sailing on towards San Torini as they hope to reach the canals in France leading home to their home waters before the beginning of june. We spent this evening with them on the beach here with dinner and drink.  The sun set and all the five kids played on the beach. It was a good evening for S/V Mumin and La Familia .

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