torsdag 4. august 2016

What is the purpose of this trip?

What is the purpose of a trip? To me an increasingly good question. Its not mine though. Its my loved grandma Audrey's. It was the summer of 2001. Janna and I had just met and were on our way to the swedish mountains for a weeks walking and camping. Audrey was visiting my mum in Karlstad and Janna and I met her there on our way north. We explained our plans. Walking, with our back packs, tent and sleeping bags, around 20 k per day for seven days. What could be the point? Mosquitos and food cooked on a simple gas burner. Hardly seeing other people. No tourist sites. Just the mountains and nature. Grandma Audrey did not understand us. And she asked, what is the purpose of this trip?

I have had the question with my ever since. Now as we are taking the last train back to Oslo. Leaving my childhood home in Smedjebacken. The train delayed, kids asleep. I ask myself, what was the purpose of our trip?

I am happy we did it.

Make the most of it while you can.

Love to all!

2 kommentarer:

  1. I didn't know your dad still had the motorbike and sidecar.

  2. I remember your grandma's comment and how you and Janna laughed. Her idea of a holiday was to get away from cooking and dishes. And she had agoraphobia. So no open countryside for her.