lørdag 5. desember 2015

Heading back home.

To Finekie. We are now anchoured with a line ashore in the western bay outside Kas. Out of Fethiye we had good sailing and also a peaceful anchouridge in the western bay of Kalkan. We are finally expecting Jannas uncle to arrive today. To prepare we are cleaning the boat and will borrow some showers ashore. As usual for a weekend we visited the outdoor market here. Kas is also the home port of our friends on Aries. They are back after an atempt to sail to Crete. Even in their sturdy boat the head seas en route to Karpatos were to big and they returned back to Rhodes. So it seems we are fortunate to bee heading back to Finekie and not to the planned wintering in Chania. But first we will sail a few days with Frode.

1 kommentar:

  1. Good choice to stay safe. Great market. And Ingrid has grown. Does she still eat lots like she used to? Very dark here already. Happy sailing with Frode.