mandag 30. november 2015

Playground day

As Janna was to have some time to her self at the hotel hamam with sauna and beauty treatments, me and the kids set of to town for a day at the playgrounds. One could think the kids would run tired of playing after a few hours, but no. They love climbing up and down. Riding the sea saw. Sliding down slides. Taking turns on the roundabout. All but for a break to look at the half sunken ship and eating corn on the cobb we spent the day at the playground. After their bed time we have, as a Norwegian tradition, prepared the Christmas calender. Each gets a gift every 4th day.

Our plans a head are to pick up Jannas uncle Frode in Kas on thursday and sail on towards Finike.

If any one wants to send a Christmas card to us this is the adress:

SY La Familia
Finike Marina
Kale Mahallesi. Şerbetçi Bulvari no 61
Yat Limani içi P.K. 17
07740 Finike

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