mandag 18. juli 2016

Nice two days after.

On the 14th of July there was a terrible attack on civilians in Nice. We were safe in our hotel in San Remo, Italy. I quickly put away my telephone when I read about it. Too horrifying to take in what had happened. Still one reads more as the day passes. Realising that many, many people have been killed. Many of them children. I guess I read to try to understand. But at the same time not wanting to read to aviod frightful thoughts and fear from penetrating into our dreamlike existence. Through our trip we have had plenty of opportunity to reflect over our fortunate lives. Now again.

On the 16th we were heading to Lyon with the change of trains in Nice. The security situation is still tense with soldiers patroling the streets and train stations.

Coming to Oslo after beeing in Stockholm on the 22nd of July 2011 had an atmosphere similar to Nice. Incomprehension and every day life side by side. Like I headed into Oslo after the bomb and Utøya I now made the walk down to the Promenade des Anglais. To try to understand a little. The sea was blue. The sky was blue. People were swimming again. Normality slowly working itself back. But at the same time everything felt distant.

I walked back to the station. The train was leaving. Seeing Edvard by our bags just eating his Saturday sweets made me hurt. I kissed his head.

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