mandag 4. juli 2016

Last port of call.

We have arrived. We have made it to Chania. Almost a year onboard. Three continents. Five countries. Numerous Islands, anchourages and nautical miles have passed. All with our little crew of four. I am proud. Of what this year has become. Of Janna. Edvard and Ingrid. Of the great people who lent us the boat. And how we managed borrowing it. Taking care of it and letting her sail and see new places. Inviting new friends onboard for a chat or a beer. On friday they return to their boat. Hopefully happy and ready for new adventures with La Familia. It has been a year packed with experiences and memories. From the head winds of the Gulf of Suez and all the adventures there including some nerve racking ones with threatful fisherman and hollering strangers ashore. To the tensions of Israel with the wall, checkpoints and the rocket attack. And further to the normality of Cyprus with its 1974 division. And then onto Turkey and Greece with the refugees. And now this spring and summer with turquise waters and swimming. Like a yougurt and honey desert. But it is not all the events that stand out. It is the people. The meetings. The friendly people of all the places we have stopped by on our year. A year in which we have had so much time. An eternity. Just now it feels like it passed too fast.

Now we are back in busy civilisation with thousands of people walking past the boat. Bakeries. Shops. Busses and ferries. Bars with music. I think I can like this life too. People on holiday. Some stop by. Edvard eegerly incouraging anyone contemplating to. They talk to us about sailing. Many have their own fond memories of sailing and living onboard. Now we have ours.

Last days of sailing facts: We made it out of the harbour of Kapsali in Kythira. Sailed to a slab of rock in the sea called Anti Kythira with around 40 inhabitants and a half open anchourage with a swell making its way in. Moored with a return line a shore. Tribute to the canadians for teaching us this easy get away method. From the rocks of Anti Kythira to the sandy lagoon of Gramvosa it was only 25 miles. But with little wind the Volvo Penta had to do much of the work. This bay almost had it all. From clear waters, high mountains and reefs to a pirate castle on a hill topp and even a ship wreck.

Our last stern mooring here in Chania was no easy one. We had hoped the layed moorings might releave us from the effort of using the anchour. But no. It turned out we could perform one last time to the audience of sailors and bystanders. In short. No layed moorings available so out goes the anchour. To far out though and we don't make it all the way in to the quay. So we haul it up. But the chain snags onto a rock. A friendly greek dives in the murky water and frees the chain. We winch up and set it again. Finally moored for the last time. At least for this time around!

Love to all! Sailor or not.

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  1. Welcome ashore! And good luck with the home anchor. It's been fun reading your blog. Lol. to all.

  2. And looking at your photos. Thanks.

  3. And well done of course.