torsdag 14. juli 2016

On the road again!

We are on the move again. Right now on a train through Italy. From Ancona to San Remo. With interrail tickets in our pockets.

We left Crete about a week ago. It was good seeing the owners and handing over the boat. We spent a day on the beach together. We imagine every swim as our last of this summer. But we still have some time by the Med before we venture in to mainland Europe. From Crete we headed up to Santorini on a high speed catamaran and as regular travellers enjoyed som very relaxing days. As most people visiting the Island we enjoyed the sunset with a drink. Not a bad way of starting our new adventure. With an early morning start we took the Blue Star ferry to Pireaus and more or less directly caught a bus to Patras and the West coast. Trains were on strike. The same evening we departed Greece on a big ferry enroute to Italy. Our last passage in the Med took us to Ancona in 20 hours. A pizza and a nights sleep at a hotel later and here we are on our way to northern Italy where we hopefully will meet my friend Asle. Looking forward to that!

Take care!

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  1. We have been waiting for your news. More adventures. Hope the children enjoy it. Watching T de France on tv. Guess you will soon be there. Safe journey. Good to see friends.