tirsdag 6. oktober 2015

Arrived at Larnaca

After two months away from Europe we are in Cyprus. We left Haifa in the morning and arrived in Larnaca at 12 the following day. We had good sailing weather but ran the motor half the time. Westerly winds as we approached Larnaca.

The last days in Israel we visited the West Bank with Betlehem and Hebron. We saw some of the wall dividing Palestina from Israel and settlements in the area. We also visited Aida camp. A friendly taxidriver followed us most of the day. We crossed back to Israel at checkpoint 300 by foot, before taking the bus back to Jerusalem and finally Tel Aviv. 

All travel involves saying goodbye. And as Edvard still talkes about his friends from day care, we will remember the good people at the marina and spesially the neighbour boat with its live aboards family. Thanks for welcoming us!

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  1. Exciting to have travelled in these areas. Best wishes for a good stay in Cyprus.