onsdag 14. oktober 2015

Back ti Larnaca!

Today was the day when we finally were to leave the pleasant marina in Larnaca. Well we got out to sea and motored for an hour before we sailed for about another hour. As we again started the engine it ran terribly and we turned it off and started to sail down wind towards Larnaca again. From the propeller we could now hear noise as if something was caught in it. We made a grand sailing entry to the Marina but as we had no motor we could not arrive in the marina (regulation). We made a swift turn and ancoured just outside the breakwater.

Now we are in to the second day of repairs. Fortunately it was not the propellershaft that was bent (huge jobb, boat out of water) but three out of four bolt connected the hear bor and the flange which were missing. The motor is now aligned and new bolts put in. As usual when a problem is solved an old one is exsposed! So we knew the motor was using coolingwater. Turns out its a sal on the water pump. Any water passing the seal drains out under the engine. Beeing a Volvo Penta engine this is not a Quick fix. The timingbelt in front of the motor has to be removed first (big jobb). The saltwater pump was also leaking slightly.

Despite all we are in good spirits and enjoy getting to know people working around the marina!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Everything that is of value has a price. Looks like you are investing in a great relationship with our engine. May it be a long lasting and loving one!

  2. I admire your patience and perseverance!