mandag 19. oktober 2015

Departure Larnaca

We have become quite at home here in Larnaca. Adjusting to life in the marina and the choirs of everyday life with children.

There are two kids of people living in this marina. Retired british sailors and empoyed sailors from Sri Lanka, the Phillipines and Burma. The latter look after big yachts for the owners. Supposedly an Irish guy lives in a boat too but its on land as thats safest! We have made good friends with some of the people from Sri Lanka. Today we ate fish caught by one of them. We will miss them and Edvard was sad when we left.

The engine now has a serviced water pump and new timingbelt. The motor has also been aligned and given new oil and coolant. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. As for engines the proof is in it running well. Spesially now after all the work done to it.

Tomorrow we are sailing to St. Raphael. And actually right now a light easterly wind is blowing.

Good night from Larnaca! 

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