fredag 15. april 2016

Few updates = more Islands.

Hello every one! After Nissiros we sailed to Levitha. A desent sized Island with only two inhabitants. Their taverna was closed. The place was calm. And we like calm once in a while.

After this we sailed to Leros and the partialy enclosed bay in Lakki. Janna went home to open the exebition in memory of her mother. It was a succes and so were the days I spent with the kids in Leros. Long days but rewarding.

We then sailed on to N Archangelos and a beatiful anchourage. The bathing begun!

We are now moored to a bouy in a bay just south of Patmos Scala (Aparantly David Bowies favorite Island). With the dingy we explored a nearby Island and climbed the small peak. Its very idylic and it feels like a new season is just to begin. Maybe summer is right round the corner.

Love to all!

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