søndag 24. april 2016

What a day.

Learning by doing. A weathetforecast is a forecast. It does not dictate what winds and seas we encounter. Local land masses and mountain formations play a big part in what we actually sail in. How we make our desisions can some times complicate matters too.

Our departure had finess in the strong on shore wind. Berthing longside is not our preferert way but one forgets. Any way, we narrowly made it out as our boat neighbours scrambled on deck in their pyjamas.

At sea we set sail. How much we put up depends on the winds and what we expect the weather to bee. If the winds drops we put up more to keep up boat speed. And so we did this time too. Only this time the wind picked up. Quite alot too. We always try to reef or reduce sail before the wind is exceedingly forceful. This time we were late.

Also, sailing in one of the areas with the most amount of refugees the sea was crowded with huge NATO ships and several vessels from the turkish coastguard. It was them and us and this wind. The sea built up and we both thought of our earlier passage up the Gulf of Suez. We needed to reef. And after a dramatic wressel with the ropes and sails we sailed on towards Lesvos. It was a day of learning and pleasure. 

Here in Lesvos we have been relaxing and looking for playgrounds for the kids. We also visited one of the refugee camps and gave away clothes and toys. In the parks we have played fotball with young syrians 16 and 17 years old. Some of them on along journey on their own. Big contrasts for us and we feel very fortunate and happy to bee here as a family.

Take care every one!

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  1. Glad you are all safe. Hope the children were not frightened.