tirsdag 19. april 2016

Nisos Oinoussa.

From Fournoi to Emborios on the Island of Khios to Nisos Oinoussa we have sailed. Tomorrow we sail for Lesvos. We have taken advantage of some southerlies and made good distance north in the Eastern Sporades. The wind is usually from the north so our planned trip south to Samos should be ok. Everyone is setteling in well in these sailing days. Even the crab which Edvard caught and kept as a pet seemed to enjoy himself. Though it escaped during the night but was later found hiding under a bucket. It then pinched Edvard in the finger til tears. They later made friends again. Until he (the crab) was thrown overboard here in Oinoussa. All for the sake of getting the boat ready for the fairly long passage tomorrow with forcasted winds of up to 27 knots. Being southerlies we should have them aft of the beam on the starbord quarter. Should be good sailing!

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