lørdag 30. april 2016

Good morning Samos!

Pithagorion. Anchoured inside the outer breakwater. We sailed south from Lesvos with two nice stops for sleep during the nights. And after a last leg of 62 nautical miles we motored in to the harbour here and met our dear friends from Aries. Later the swedish couple on S/V Kerpa sailed in. They are  circumnavigating in their Amel 54 and like us wintered in Finekie. Its good to see known faces and I think we all enjoyed the little celebration of meeting up. Its orthodox easter so ashore there has been big activity.

Now I am lying in the forepeak listening to the anchour rope tightening and freeing up. The solid anchour chain being draged across the bottom, over sand and stones. The sound transfered in to the boat like a home made string telephone. Most likely we will move in to the town key as the forecast is more wind and rain. But right now the tranquility of anchouring rests over La Familia.

Take care!

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