tirsdag 10. mai 2016

Easy Agatonisi.

Relaxing days for us on the Island of Agatonisi. Moored with a line ashore we spent five days playing football, taking short walks or swimming and jogging for me and Janna. With few other boats or tourists we enjoyed the calmness and seaside restaurants. Or breathed in the contrasts of the Med. Every other night a navy ship came in. During the days it monitored the greek/turkish waters to the east. During one of my running excursions I met two of the staff from the organisation Medecin sans frontiers. They where out checking the routes ashore where the refugees land. This part of Agatonisi is desolate and barren. The refugees often land in areas far away from infrastructure. Either because smuglers onboard need to return without being caught or simply because the boats or dingys are helmed by people without prevoius experience from navigation. Today there are fewer refugees making the crossing. Or at least making it into European waters. The agreement between Europe and Turkey has had an effect. So today there were no regugees to greet for the staff I met. Just huge amounts of old lifejackets and plenty of sunken rubber dingys. I jogged back to the boat and the beach where Edvard and Ingrid were playing.

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