onsdag 4. mai 2016

-Drive up to the monastary. Its a 40 min walk to the top.

The guy at the petrolstation fils the car up for 20 euro and says good luck! And off we drove to climb Mt. Kerkis 1440 meter peak. We turned right off the main road and followed the sign. The road quickly turned out to be a small and winedy one. We passed a derelict house. And a barking dog. Now the road was gravel. Or sand and loose rock. We continued onwards. It was getting steep bit we kept on in first gear. We could see the face of the mountain to our right. The road could not go up there? Well as the road steepens we decide to take to our feet. The monastary can not bee far off. We enjoy the views. We can see the Fourni Islands and Agatonisi. But we can't see the monastary. We walk on. We reach the end of the road and it turns into a narrow path slung to the mountain side. After an hour of walking there is still no sanctuary for us. We walk on. And Edvard impresses us with his imagination in play and strength in walking. Finally we reach the monastary. It looks deserted. We picknick and push on. Only 40 minuits to the top now. Its a beatiful walk through the wooded landscape. In the forrest there is lee from the wind. Its getting cold. As we pass the tree limit we can see the ridge running to the top. It looks far but we continue for another 15 minuits til we reach some shelter behind some bushes. We can see the top now. Its embeded in dark clouds. We pick up our softdrink and celebrate todays effort and to call it a day. We only have the walk down to do!

Safely back ar the car after five hours of hiking we head of for a meal. In Ireon we found a memorable restaurant and enjoy a good sea food meal. All happy with the days adventure!

Tomorrow we sail to Agatonisi, even though we gladly could of stayed longer on this green and diverse island. But the wind is blowing. The right way. So as sailors who prefer to bee with the wind we leave tomorrow with good memories of Samos.

Take care!

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