lørdag 14. mai 2016

Laidback Lipsi and friendly Arki.

From Agatonisi we sailed to Lipsi where we spent two fine days in the small old town and enjoying the fact that the Island was green and fertile. As usual we trawled the town for playgrounds.

Arki. With strong southerlies we seeked shelter on this small island. 40 inhabitants. Two children. One teacher. Two tavernas. Fisherman. A few sailors and a couple of hundred goats and sheep. Thats this place in short. We visited the school and Edvard made good friends. This evening all the children played football on the little square between the tavernas. Good atmosphere with the weekend visitors from Patmos including two children!

Tomorrow we look forward to meeting our canadian friends on S/V Maple who hopefully will be sailing up from Leros!

Weather wise we have had rain which is welcome as the winter has been unusally warm and dry. We expect one more day of rain before the sun should be back!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Good to know where you are! You sought shelter. Not seeked! Who was your English teacher? And be not bee. Bees buzz! 😉

  2. Magical photo of Ingrid in the water!