onsdag 18. mai 2016

Gumdrop and national day!

Boats come and go. Some stay longer. We stay when we enjoy ourselves. With our friends from Canada and six boats from the UK the quay on Arki was a good place to be. The children are often popular with other sailors. And other sailors are popular with the children. They make friends with good people. On S/V Iolanthe they had toys for grand children and a book which they gave to Edvard and Ingrid. The story of the 1926 old Austin Heavy 12/4 called Gumdrop. So now we have a much appreciated book in english. And reading in english is great as spesially Edvard develops his language skills with the canadian friends.

Norwegians  celebrates 17 th of May wherever they are. And with being a norwegian crew we too celebrated with the best of effort. We thought of traditions back in Oslo and Norway. Children in parades. Cakes. Hot dogs. Icecream. We hoisted our signalflags and had a great day in short!

Today we sailed to Patmos together with S/V Maple. But thats another story!

Now I am off to find a TV to watch Liverpool play Sevilla. Go Reds as they say!

You'll  never walk alone.

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  1. Fun to read your fresh blog and know what you are doing right now. Liverpool-Seville? As an ex- Swede what about Zlatan's next move? Great photo for 17 May. May I use it for my Facebook?

  2. I have heard of Gumdrop.