fredag 24. juni 2016

Last cup of coffee.

This blog post could have been about the Island of Kimmolos. Of our meal in the village eating beans and cheese pies. Drinking a cold Mythos. As we watched Iceland play Romania.

Or about the other game we watched. Sweden against Italy. How painfull the loss was. But how we enjoyed the food and company.

I could have written about the caves in Milos. With the crystal clear water and excellent swimming. The exposed anchourage and the long long line ashore. Of how we sailed out in the evening for an overnight sail to the Pelepones. The dead calm. The sunset. The full moon. The passage of the reputable Ak Malea, cape Horn of Europe. Of how we arrived in a paradise bay in Elafonisos.  The passing ships rounding the Pelepones on their way east or west in the Med.

SV Maples freshly caught tuna and exceptional hospitality, inviting all to sushi and grilled tuna steak. The beach bonfire and sausages rolling off the grill.

Of how we have shared all these experiences with our good friends on SV Maple. How difficult it was for all of us to say goodbye last night.

But how great it was to row over this morning for one last cup of coffee just before they sailed west on their journey around the world. To say "see you soon", row back to La Familia and wave goodbye.

Thanks for everything and the coffee!

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  1. Sounds like paradise but vemodigt to leave friends. We liked Peloponesia.