torsdag 30. juni 2016

Harbour drama and Kythira.

After our goodbye with good friends the bay felt lonely and we sailed up to the little port in the north of Elafonisos. We spent some pleasant days with friendly sailors and where the friendship with fellow yachties was crucial to securing the boat when bad weather came in as we lay longside. Much is to be said about mooring and weather. Any way, as the sea rolled in, we with the help of Manchester sailor Dave, set out the extra anchour and could sleep well.

We are now on the Island of Kythira. It apparently goes mad in august with tourists but now its calm. We had a little mishap with our stern tieing and the rudder scrathed against the under water ballast along the quay. A small damage to the rudder as a result but a bigger dent to our egos. Its a lesson learned as we say.
The boat is still floating so tomorrow we sail on towards Krete or anti Kythira depending on the winds.

Water temp is up so swimming is good!

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  1. Safe sailing to your last port for this voyage. And hopefully no more dents to you or the boat! Enjoy the water. Ours is coming from the skies.