onsdag 8. juni 2016

Learning to swim.

Learning to swim is a great challenge. Be it for the first time like Edvard and Ingrid are doing or a new way of swimming as I am trying to do. Learning the crawl technique has been something I have wanted to do for a long time. And now I am trying. Every day. La Familia is still anchoured outside Naoussa with perfect conditions for swimming. The young ones go at swimming and playing in the water with great energy and stamina. Never in doubt it seems of how to master the element of water. I struggle with salty water in my nose and mouth. How to position head and arms for effortless breathing.  I even some times can't make way through the water and get the feeling of that I am sinking to the bottom of the seabed together with my belief of ever mastering crawl. Meanwhile Edvard is taking  multiple summersolts under water. So I have taken a small brake from practice hoping the skill to swim will come to me. Maybe as I am wrighting this I am learning to swim. I still have the hope. And with learning from the persistance of the kids. I will be out there in the water trying to figure out the art of crawling some day soon!

Besides swimming we have done some small hikes and enjoyed the greek tavernas a shore.

Enjoy the summer! With or without swimming!

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