fredag 17. juni 2016

Little chatterbox and mad men.

After the weather had passed and we had recieved our wire for the mast almost three weeks went by as we anchoured on Paros. It was a nice place with a great taverna ashore.

But our journey is not over quite yet. And the canadians are just at the beginning of theirs. So we have sailed further west. First to a deserted bay on the Island of Desphotiko. And from there to Sifnos and now to the small Island Kimmonos just NE of Milos.

On Desphotiko we cleaned a small beach and Janna started a small internet rally to inspire people to clean a beach or their neighbourhood.   It felt good to try to give something back to the nature and this area which we enjoy so much.

We moored in a marina on Sifnos. After almost four weeks it felt good to be tied up and have easy access to land. And marinas mean meeting other sailors. Ingrid, as usual, tied ropes and talked away. Hence some britts quickly dubbed here chatterbox! Edvard fished and watched Minions with his friends. Janna read the pilot guide and about Columbus. I jumped, jogged and showered. In the evenings we watched Mad Men. Pretty relaxed!

Today we sailed in about 10 knots of wind. Nice and calm. No rolling or beating in to the waves. Just cruising with the wind! Once anchoured we dingyed to the beach and found a taverna with tv. In good company(Maple) we ate and drunk and suffered as Sweden lost to Italy in Euro 2016.

We enjoy each day now.

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  1. These blog posts are brilliant. I can just share these on our blog and call it a day!

  2. Enjoying your days? We are enjoying them too. Thanks. Like the idea of cleaning up the world. It needs it. Take care.