fredag 11. september 2015

Arrived port Suez!

After 22 days we finally arrived at Suez Yacht Club today at 13.00. We are euphoric! 22 days at anchour. 22 days without showering. 22 days of trying to sail north against the constant northwesterly winds. Often at gale force. We have repaired the engine and overcome our own doubts of if we actually could make it to Suez.

Now that we are here we can also look back at some fantastic anchourages,  meeting masses of friendly people, sunsets, the full moon and of course salty bathing plus much much more.

Despite our doubts when in El Tor we have been optimstic and often commented on the wind. "Its just an early morning gust of wind", "after lunch it will weaken", "this evening it surely will bee calm", "tomorrow...". And so many times we set out and hoisted sails only to realise the wind still was blowing down the Gulf of Suez. Between the high mountains of Sinai and the mainland of Egypt. Not stopping us from reaching Suez, just slowing us down enough to gives time to dwell with the thought what if we never reach Europe.

The approach today was exciting. Passing the huge tankerships at anchour, the bulkships with their cranes and seeing the big containerships heading for China and the far East.

We made it to Suez and are heading towards Europe. But still happy to be in Egypt.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wonderful to read your good news. And description of trip. Congratulations! A lesson in not giving up!
    Fantastic. All the best for the next leg. Hugs to all. Easier to read in English!!!

  2. And love to your very patient children.

  3. Great news!
    I agree with J, much easier to read whe you write in English:-)
    Good luck!