mandag 21. september 2015


We made the trip to Jerusalem today. The history and atmosphere makes an impression. As does travelling in Israel. Many of the soldiers on leave still carry their weapons with them. It takes time getting used to.

The Old City of Jerusalem has many holy sites for muslims, jews and christians. We mainly visited the church of the holy sepulchure. The old city has different areas for each religion. I could have spent alot longer time here. With the kids a day was ok. Edvard most of all talks about his coming birthday but of course the history from ancient Jerusalem also interests. I guess Ingrid is most pleased once wes are back on the boat and she can wonder round and gather things in her bag. Me and Janna are very happy to have made the trip.

Tomorrow is Yum Kippur. The holiest of all holidays in judaism. No cars on the roads and a 24 hour fasting of food and water among other things. We aim for a restful day.

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  1. The Holy Land at Tom Kippur. Well done! So interesting. Yes Edvard's birthday and Ingrid's bag. Nice photo of Janna. You and she look as though you have been fasting too. Keep well.

    1. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.