søndag 13. september 2015

Camels and pyramids

Our first day back on land was an eventfull one! We had arranged to be taken to Cairo and the pyramids with a driver and car. Cairo has 10 million inhabitants and the traffic was intence.  We had not planned the 2 hour camel ride but could not say no when we had the chance. I guess it was a way for our guide to make some extra money as he also was paid by the cameldealer we were brought to. We all enjoyed the high camels and the ride through the dessert landscape. The pyramids are facinating and their location right next to old Cairo makes the timeless experience even stronger. What effort did it demand to have them built? I read it took 100000 men 20 year to build one of them! 

Expenses have increased as we get closer to our Canal transit. Fuel was alot more expensive here compaired to El Tor were we brought it out in jerrycans to the boat in the dingy. Departure is tomorrow around 11. One stop overnight in Ismailia and then tuesday further north to Port Said and the Med. Looking forward to that!

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  1. Following you ! Thanks for the English. Family in uk also pleased. I know more about the area too now.. Safe journey and where next? After Port Said?