onsdag 30. september 2015

Next stop Tel Aviv

After a good and mostly relaxing week in Ashkelon we headed north to Tel Aviv. We said good bye to some very friendly "live aboards" from the marina. Also in Tel Aviv we have been well recieved by the people living on their boats.  About 1.2 million live in the center of Tel Aviv. Here there are too big beaches but more people and the location right in front of the growing city makes for a much more urban feeling. The city seems to have a international poulation and bee a popular holiday resort for many.

Our routines are similar to Ashkelon with us spending time on the beach. Both the kids love it. We also celebrated Edvards 5th birthday on the boat. Three guests was just super and I think it was a memorable day for Edvard.

We plan on staying here until Saturday when we will head north to Haifa before crossing over to cyprus.

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  1. Hurra Edvard. Ikkje kast innpakningspapiret. Du er nemelig invitert i fødselsdag 11. oktober i Solfjellshøgda 6. Edgar