onsdag 18. november 2015

Anchoured with a long line ashore.

We are anchoured with a long line ashore in Seagull bay, Skopea Limani. We have spent the last few days in this area south of Göçek. There has been little wind but in the afternoon there is a nice seabreece. Many of the small bays here have simple restaurants serving turkish dishes. Most of them are closed now that the sailing season has ended. There are still other boats around but here in Seagull bay we are alone. Except for the old fisherman and his wife living in a tiny wood house next to the closed restaurant where the owner also is living. No electricity or running water in the houses. Earlier another family unloaded big sacks of olives from their donkey. It feels like going ashore means travelling back in time. The fishermanns wife preparing food over the open fireplace. We bought fish from the fisherman and prepaired it onboard. As the dark of night came there was more light shining from La Familia than from the houses in Seagull bay.

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  1. Poetic! And calm. Remember me to Edvard and Ingrid. I think of them often.