fredag 13. november 2015

Braveheart Edvard

In Őlüdeniz there is a high montain from which one can paraglide. We saw the paragliders high up in the sky as we sailed in through the bay.

The next day we all wanted to fly. Janna definitely. Edvard without a doubt. Is he really old enough? During this trip and I guess through his life he has been given opportunity to explore . Testing his skills, judgement and limits. And we with him.  He wanted to fly.

The bus set off for the mountain top. 1960 meters above sea level. Edvard fell asleep during the 25 min drive. Janna at his side. Ingrid and I waiting on the beach promenade.

At the top Edvard and his pilot Mohammed were first off the ledge. Janna a few minutes later. He was flying. He loved it. After 25 min in the air he landed smothely on the promenade. He wanted to do it again. Not scared for a second. He flew.

It was my turn an hour later. The drive up was scary. The mountain side steep. Fantastic view from the summit. I still imagined paragliding being something dreamlike. More like the flight of a butterfly than a fighterjet. That was before takeoff. The wind was strong and as the shute filled with air I realised I was in for a new experience.

Breathtaking is an understatement. We flew high up. Above the clounds. It was out of my comfortzone. At the same time insanely beatiful. The sea calm and bathing in sun. The boat safely moored far below. Yes the boat seemed like the safest place on earth. North I saw the turkish coastline and Fethiye were we are now. Motor yacht A was there. I did not look down. It was hard to belive my son had been through all this and not felt a twitch of fear. Further down I enjoyed the birds view. With my feet on the ground I gave my pilot a big hug. It had been a memorable day.

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  2. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.

  3. Ahh kult! Egentlig, hvorfor ble Christer redd? Jeg har fått meg et skateboard. Hilsen, Edgar