onsdag 11. november 2015

Öludeniz and more.

After Kastellorizo we anchoured outside Kas for provisions. We are now anchoured with a long line ashore by the beach in Öludeniz. The water is colder and very clear and the sun still hot. We have had some super days lately and life with the children and for the children is magical.

Plans change. So now we are not heading for Greece but will sail up the turkish coast and some time in december return to Finekie for an over wintering of about three months. Jannas uncle is flying down to Antalya the 21st of november and will join us for a week of sailing. Edvard is very much looking forward to the visit. He talks alot about home and the people there.

We said good bye to our friends on S/V Aries at Kas but have planned to meet up again some here along the coast.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Great photos. And good to hear your plans. Love and best wishes to all!

  2. The beach looks phenomenal!